NYS Crime Stoppers Partners with Law Enforcement to Launch Drug Tips Reward Program

June 10, 2014 – New York State Crime Stoppers, along with representatives of the New York State Police and the Westchester County Police held a joint press conference to announce the launch of the new Rewards for Drug Tips Program designed to bring down the heroin dealers throughout the state. Heroin has become a serious problem throughout the state reaching epidemic proportions. Approximately ninety deaths attributed to heroin overdoses were reported in Westchester County alone during 2013.

A collaboration between New York State Crime Stoppers, the New York State Police, Westchester County Department of Public Safety and other law enforcement agencies has been in the planning stage for the past two months. Although many programs targeting education, distribution of overdose antidote kits and other efforts are underway, removing the dealers and distributors from our streets is vital to reducing the affects of heroin in New York communities.

The Drug Tips Reward Program will pay rewards between $500 and $2,500 for tips that lead to the arrest and conviction of the drug dealers selling the heroin that is causing so many overdose deaths throughout the Hudson Valley and New York State. People with information about drug dealers and distributors selling heroin in New York State can use the New York State Mobile App, a free download or they can call the hotline number 1-866-313-Tips(8477) to provide their information. Either way, people providing information will remain anonymous.

New York State Crime Stoppers is actively seeking sponsors from the business community to help fund the Drug Tips Reward Program. Business owners who wish to partner with New York State Crime Stoppers and help save our young people should contact us through the information on this Web Site at http://www.nyscrimestoppers.org/contact-us/.

More information about the New York State Crime Stoppers Mobile App and New York State Crime Stoppers can be found on this Web Site.