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Crime Stoppers USA 2018 Certificate of Membership

To serve as a resource for federal, state, county and local law enforcement throughout New York State by offering rewards of up to $2,500 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of persons engaged in violent criminal activity within the boundaries of the State of New York. By doing so, we also empower the private citizens in New York State by providing them with a means to supply information regarding criminal activity or the location of fugitives, while remaining anonymous. Information is what fuels criminal investigations. New York State Crime Stoppers helps provide that fuel by offering rewards for vital information needed to solve violent crimes.

New York State Crime Stoppers, a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization, is a three-pronged effort of police, community and the media working together in the fight against crime. Our goal is to help make New York State communities safer as we work together with the police, the media, the business community and the public to accomplish that goal.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does it Work?

Participating police agencies, throughout New York State, contact us when they need assistance in solving a particular crime or recovering a particular fugitive. New York State Crime Stoppers highlights that particular crime or focuses on that particular fugitive by issuing press releases and flyers offering a reward for anonymous information that leads to the arrest and indictment of the fugitive being sought or suspect believed to be responsible for the crime. If an anonymous tip we receive at our hotline 1-866-313-TIPS (8477)  regarding a crime we have highlighted directly leads to the arrest and conviction of the fugitive or suspect, the caller who provided the anonymous tip becomes eligible for the reward offered.

Final determination as to who receives payment of reward and the amount paid, if any, is the sole responsibility of the Board of Directors and the decision regarding payment of rewards and amounts to be paid, if any, is made at their discretion only.

New York State Crime Stoppers also offers rewards of up to $2,500 for information regarding terrorist activity within the borders of New York State.

Do Callers Remain Anonymous?

Yes, callers remain anonymous unless they choose to reveal their identity. When a caller who wishes to provide information contacts our hotline, they are provided with a confidential identification number. Callers do not have to tell us who they are…just what they know that will lead to an arrest and indictment. Our call center will never ask a caller for their name, their is no Caller ID on our hotline phone, and our Mobile App is on an encrypted, cloud based management portal that is anonymous and cannot be traced.

How Are Reward Amounts Determined?

A board of directors made up of carefully selected community volunteers oversees New York State Crime Stoppers. Once a month, more frequently when necessary, the board meets, reviews all cases and makes a determination about the amount to be rewarded for each tip leading to an arrest. The determination and decisons made by the board of directors regarding payment of rewards is final. No other person, persons or entity shall have any input or influence as to how rewards are paid and the amounts paid other than New York State Crime Stoppers’ Board of Directors. Our by-laws only allow reward amounts up to $2,500 except in the case of a law enforcement officers death or injury when the board may increase the reward amount by special vote.

Note: Should an interested party wish to increase the amount of our reward offering regarding a particular highlighted crime, they may do so with a non-refundable donation to NYS Crime Stoppers after express permission from our Program Director and only if they agree to our terms regarding the reward increase and special donation. Twenty percent of any donation made to increase a reward amount will go toward our operating expenses and 80% will go towards the reward amount offered for information. No exceptions.

Note: Rewards are paid for information provided to New York State Crime Stoppers through the Hot line number 1-866-313-8477 or through out mobile app for information that directly leads to the arrest and conviction of the person(s) responsible for the crime and only for information the police have not already obtained through their own investigation methods.

Note: Person(s) who provide information regarding a highlighted crime must obtain their  Confidential Identification Number provided at the time they call and retain that number for payment of reward. Information provided directly to police regarding a crime for which a reward is offered will only result in a reward payment by New York State Crime Stoppers at the discretion of the Board of Directors of New York State Crime Stoppers. Special circumstances must apply.

Anti-Terrorism Rewards are intended to help prevent any further acts of terrorism. Rewards will be paid for tips that result in the arrest and conviction of a person engaged in terrorist activity or of anyone aiding a person engaged in terrorist activity. Payment of rewards regarding terrorism and amounts paid will be made at the sole discretion of the NYS Crime Stoppers Board of Directors. No exeptions.

What is is an award winning free backend Alert and ID system for anyone with a cognitive disorder such as dementia, Autism, Alzheimer’s, Asperger’s Syndrome, and Down’s Syndrome that is at risk for wandering. No reward is offered regarding this program.

By signing up, police and emergency hospitals are provided with ready access to their loved one’s information. This information (which is submitted personally by the caregiver, includes their age and a photograph) is kept as private – only the police and emergency hospitals will be able to access it.

In the event their loved one(s) wander or are found without identification, correlating the information and contacting the caregiver becomes a smooth process.

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