Reward Offered: Homicide (NYSCS Case #2022-107)

New York Crime Stoppers (Case #2022-107) Homicide: The incident occurred on the sidewalk in front of the apartment complex at 176 Lake Drive, Newburgh, NY on 07/27/2022 at 11:59pm. The suspect is currently unidentified and is described to be a light-skinned black male approximately 16-18 years of age, possibly left-handed. The suspect shot the victim twice in front of his home and attempted to shoot a witness that was fleeing the scene. The suspect was accompanied by Mr. Perry Gumbs Jr. whose current whereabouts are unknown.  Both suspects arrived at the scene together and subsequently fled the scene together.

Included are a mug shot of Gumbs and a still shot of the unknown suspect with Gumbs en route to the scene; Gumbs is wearing the two-toned top while the unidentified suspect is wearing the shorts.