NYS Crime Stoppers Launches Crime Fighting Mobile App for Smart Phones

New York State Crime Stoppers held a press conference today to launch their New York State Crime Stoppers Mobile App. In this age of technology, it is very important for law enforcement to be on the leading edge; staying ahead of criminals. That is why New York State Crime Stoppers has partnered with Cellflare, a leading smart phone application developer, to create the ground-breaking New York State Crime Stoppers App for smart phones. (SEE DOWNLOAD OUR MOBILE APP ON RIGHT SIDE OF THIS PAGE)

Screenshot of New York State Crime Stoppers Mobile App by Cellflare.
Courtesy of Talk of the Sound.

In collaboration with Waterkeeper Alliance, The New York State Police, county and local law enforcement as well as our sponsors and the public NYS Crime Stoppers new Smart Phone App will be a driving force to combat crime throughout New York State.

This new mobile application, which is a free download for anyone with a smart phone, gives the average citizen the ability to have a crime fighting and public safety tool where ever they go. The app provides the ability to locate and get turn by turn directions to any police department, anonymously send a phone tip, email tip or a photo tip while on the go and communicate with NYS Crime Stoppers, either directly or through social media from anywhere while never giving up your identity or phone number. If citizens provide information on highlighted tips they may also be entitled to a cash reward of up to $2,500.

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., President of Waterkeeper Alliance expressed his gratitude to NYS Crime Stoppers in giving the people of New York a way to help protect their precious watershed and prosecute those who violate our environmental laws regarding our water system.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Speaking at the press conference about the importance of the New York State Crime Stoppers Mobile App in helping to protect New York’s watershed. Photo courtesy of Talk of the Sound.

Captain Lisa Loughran, NYSP, commanding officer of the Bureau of Criminal Investigation for Troop K spoke of the importance of the new technology NYS Crime Stoppers has brought to the law enforcement community state-wide with their new smart phone app and of the valuable and productive relationship the New York State Police has had and will continue to have with NYS Crime Stoppers.

Captain Lisa Loughran speaking at the NYS Crime Stoppers press conference about the importance of the NYS Crime Stoppers Mobile App to law enforcement and the public.
Photo courtesy of Talk of the Sound.

The New York State Crime Stoppers Mobile App is available for free download from the Apple App store for I-Phone, at Google Play for Android phones and at Blackberry App World. The app can also be downloaded at the NYS Crime Stoppers Web Site, www.nyscrimrstoppers.org. Citizens of New York State are encouraged to become a crime fighter and download this free app today.