Fundraising Policies

NYS Crime Stoppers and the New York Police Chiefs’ Foundation, Inc. (NYPCF), contract Quick Call, Inc., a professional fundraiser that charges a rate lower than the “average [percentage] of funds retained by fundraisers in 2016” as determined by the New York State Office of the Attorney General. All of Quick Call’s donation and fundraising efforts on behalf of NYS Crime Stoppers and NYPCF are governed by the following policies and practices.

  1. All solicitation calls are to be recorded, and said recordings are to be retained for a period of 3 months.  Recordings will be emailed to non-profit upon request.
  2. Script and letter changes, even minor ones, must have NYSCS/NYPCF prior approval before being utilized or made public.
  3. Prospective donors are to be called only once per charity per calendar year.
  4. Credit card numbers are never to be retained.
  5. Prospective donors who decline to donate are not to be called again in the same calendar year.
  6. NYSCS and NYPCF inquiries are to be answered within no more than 48 hours.
  7. NYSCS and NYPCF do not accept any type of automatic payment unless a donor signs a separate authorization mailed and received by the non-profit organization.
  8. At no time is an agent of Quick Call, Inc., or any subcontractor to imply law enforcement status.
  9. Agents are to conduct themselves professionally and courteously.
  10. Quick Call, Inc., is to maintain all contracts with NYSCS and NYPCF for inspection. Contracts with subcontractors must also be approved by NYSCS.
  11. Phone numbers included in our mailed letters are to be answered during business hours. These phone lines will be dedicated to NYSCS and NYPCF and shall so announce.
  12. During non-business hours or when agents cannot answer the phone, a message containing the estimated time to return a call and the ability to leave a brief message shall be maintained.
  13. Scripts and letters sent to donors will be automatically mailed to the NYSCS/NYPCF office on the last day of every quarter. Emails are not acceptable.
  14. Messenger pickup or request for cash donations is never acceptable.