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Contact Us

Contact Us

New York State Crime Stopppers
2649 Strang Blvd., Suite 303
Yorktown Heights, N.Y. 10598
Crime Stoppers Hot Line: 1-866-313-TIPS (8477)

Contact: Robert Keller, Program Director

Christopher Casa, Deputy Program Director

Phone/Fax: 914-788-7089


NOTE: Assistance from New York State Crime Stoppers in the form of reward requests are limited to police agencies and must be directed to Crime Stoppers office phone or e-mail.

NOTE: Please Do Not send TIPS through the above listed email. We cannot guarantee your anonymity if you send tips through the above email. Instead please send TIPS through our Hotline or our Smartphone App, which is a free download for iPhones, Android phones or Blackberry phones at the appropriate download center for your phone. Thank you.

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